3 Layers Mask kaki ( men size )- Pack of two

Style number: 650 Mask kaki MEN

You will most likely need more than one mask as you have to wash it after each use. 

We offer the solid color masks in pack of two.

3 ply fabric mask : 2 ply of fabric (100% cotton) and 1 interlining of polypropylene.

Nose adjustment with a plastic coated metal stripe.

Elastics to be adjusted around ears.

The size of this mask is 18cm from top of the nose edge to the bottom under chin, at the center seam. 

Wash the mask in hot water ( 60C) before use and after each use.  

Can be machine dried, but will stay nice longer if hanged to dry.

The mask should be adjusted correctly to fit your face. Avoid touching the mask and face once placed. 

Mask should be changed every 2 hours or when wet or dirty. 

When you are done with the mask, place it directly in the washing machine or in a bag to be washed later. 

WARNING: This mask has not been approved in laboratory as are medical masks.

Wearing a non-medical mask is one more measure you can take to protect those around you.

Wearing a mask DOES NOT replaces hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing and physical distance of 2 meters, but is used in addition.

**Masks are neither exchangeable nor refundable (final sale).

***Part of the profits will be donated to Mission Mile End

Free shipping does not apply to protection masks. 

Mask made in Quebec 


Fabric: 100% cotton

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