With the idea of extending the life of its clothes, the Bodybag by Jude team offers you an alteration service for clothes purchased online and in stores.

If you accidentally damage pieces from our collection or if the fit does not suit you, please come to the Mile-End boutique-workshop with your piece, explain the problem and we will do our best to remedy it.

The price of alterations varies according to the difficulty of the recovery. You will find below the list of alterations that we offer as well as the associated prices.

When you decide to alter one of your pieces, it becomes FINALE SALE.

Price list:
Edge of pants (unlined)           $15 + tax
Edge of pants (lined)              $20 to $35 + tax
Edge of skirt or dress             $25 to $35 + tax
Sleeve edge (unlined)             $15 to $20 + tax
Edge of coat                         $30 to $90 + tax
Adjust straps                         $10 + tax
Zipper replacement                $20 + tax